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Lori Baker

Lead Vocals

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E-Z Money

Bass Guitar,

Rick Stricker


Randy King

Rhythm Guitar,

Roger Lee

Lead Guitar,

Les Bazzett


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Lori Baker
"The Boss"

Lori's first stage appearance ocurred over 20 years ago, singing Harper Valley PTA, by Jeannie C. Riley.  Lori says that until that time she had no real aspirations toward singing in public, but once she was bitten by the performing bug, there was no holding her back.

Born in Manistee, Michigan, Lori is the entertainer of the group.  She gets everyone involved in the show, serenading members of the audience or joining the dancers out on the floor.  Her vocal range and musical style has been compared to Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Patsy Cline.

Lori has received numerous awards for her performing ability, including The Country Music Association of Michigan's Most Promising Female Vocalist for 1987, Michigan Country Music Pioneer Museum & Association's Female Singer of the Year in 1994, as well as a nomination in the same year as that group's Entertainer of the Year.

Quote: "What key? Just like the record!"
"E-Z Money"
Bass, Vocals, Songwriter, Road Crew Manager

E-Z could pass for a cross between Bob Seger and Travis Tritt.

Born in Muskegon, MI, E-Z has run sound for such groups as The James Gang, Black Crow, The Fifth Dimension, & Ohio Express.

He was the Country Music Association of Michigan Chairman of the Board for 1991 & 1992

Quote: "What HE said!" (pointing at Randy)
Rick Stricker
"The Man, Studmuffin"
Keyboards, Accordion, Drums

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts

Rick has more than 30 years of music composing and arranging experience, including two solo piano performances at Carnegie Hall.  He's also our webmaster.

Quote: "Just don't make me sing!"
Randy King
"The King of Branded Just"
Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Randy's played for over 15 years, and has been instrumental(!) in expanding the band's variety of music.

Born: (Yes)

Randy played in several bands before coming to Branded Just.

Quote: "I just want to PLAY!"

Roger Lee
"Mr. Commitment"

Lead Guitar, Vocals

This guy has STYLE!

Lori & EZ-Money have been trying to get Roger to play with us for years, and we've finally got 'im!

Quote: "Commitment?  What's that?"
Les Bazzett
"The Bouncer"
Drums, Vocals

Born in Grand Rapids and raised in West Michigan, Les has been playing with local bands for over 20 years, including several very well-known artists.

Quote: "We get paid to set up our equipment before the show and then tear it down at the after the show's over...  the rest is pure fun!"

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